Target Recommendation

Economic Development Strategy and Industry Target Recommendations

In 2009, Early County completed a comprehensive Economic Development Strategy that was formulated by Garner Economics, LLC, Atlanta, Ga. The strategy provides quantifiable and measurable objectives for the future.  

Specifically, the Economic Development Strategy addresses five specific industry targets including food manufacturing, bio-fuel manufacturing, shared call centers and mobile entrepreneur/independent self-employed. Other components of the Strategy include workforce development recommendations based on industry targets; entrepreneurial and small business development; existing industry support; and product improvement needs and initiatives for Early County to sustain or grow a competitive advantage. The study identified a number of strengths of Early County, which include:

    • The ability of its local leaders to take action, e.g. EC2055 and AEI2012
    • Cost of Labor
    • Labor–management relations
    • Availability of forest products
    • Availability of  agricultural  products for food processing
    • Local economic development organization has a strategic plan
    • Level of leadership support for economic development program
    • Reasonably priced sites
    • Condition and maintenance of local streets
    • Cost of housing
    • Level of crime
    • Level of air pollution
    • Attractiveness of the physical environment
    • Appearance of the Central Business District
    • Involvement of both public and private sectors
    • General appearance of the community